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The object of this church is the ministry of the Word of God for the salvation of souls, the edification of Christians, the worldwide proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the promotion of Godly worship, and the defense of the ''Faith Once Delivered.''

It is also the express purpose of this Church to remain free from denominational affiliation.  Smyrna Bible Church will remain independent  and autonomous while at the same time desire to fellowship with and work alongside of other Biblically based ministries as the Lord provides opportunity


Our desire here at Smyrna Bible Church is to reach our community with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to see people's lives transformed by the Word of God.  We are committed to developing a strong family atmosphere.   We have a vision to see a dynamic growing body of believers with families that are being strengthened, unbelievers being reached and God being glorified. 

It is our desire to provide an atmosphere where people can come together to worship, praise, and learn of the Lord.  Your relationship with God is of extreme importance to us, for it is with the Lord that one receives personal value as well as direction and true happiness in life.

God desires your presence with Him in heaven for all of eternity.  He offers the promise of eternal life to all who would trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.   We strive to grow our relationship with God into a healthy, mature, and productive union.  We love the Lord because, ''He first loved us, and gave Himself as a ransom for us.''


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