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You can now give online. 
It is easy to use by clicking the QR picture. It will take you to "Donate to Smyrna Bible Church" where you can enter your information. Once your information is entered, click Donate Now, and you're done. You will be emailed a receipt right away for your donation. 
(Church does pay a small % of your donation in processing fees please)

If you are using a check, please mail it in to us at 4864 Whites Bridge Road, Belding, MI 48809.
-You can place your envelope # in the memo or include your giving envelope along with your donation and we will track it for your year end receipt.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in these unique times, especially as we navigate how we can best minister to you.

In His service, (Romans 12:1)
Pastor Roger

Click on the PayPal QR to go directly to the giving page or You can now give with your PayPal App


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