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Can I be a member of Smyrna Bible Church?

Persons who give testimony to their faith in Christ as Savior who give assurance of there willingness to follow and submit themselves to the Word of God as, the only rule of faith, doctrine, and practice, and shall indicate their agreement with the Constitution of this church shall be eligible for membership.

Download Church Constitution and Doctrinal Statement


How can I become a member of Smyrna Bible Church?

Christians who desire to associate themselves with this church, and who fulfill the qualifications for membership shall make application to the Pastor or the Board of Deacons. They shall then meet with the Pastor and Board for examination and approval.

Applicants who have been approved for reception into the membership shall be recommended to the church, and the right hand of fellowship shall be extended to them at a following Sunday morning service . Their membership shall then be in force.

Download Church Membership Application

What are the responsibilities of a church member?


1.  All members of this church shall be expected to participate in its ministry, in such measure as talents and circumstances enable them. Such service shall be voluntary and subject to the supervision of the Pastor and the Board of Deacons.


2.  The members of this church are urged to cultivate all those graces in their Christian lives that will glorify the Lord, promote spiritual growth, and further the ministry of the church. And they are further entreated;

a. to engage in private and family Bible reading, prayer, and the regular attendance at the services of the church; Heb. 10:25I Tim. 4:12-16

b.  to practice daily living that is consistent with the Scriptural principles of the Christian life; to abstain from worldliness in all its forms, avoiding such alliances which would constitute an unequal yoke with unbelievers; To guard against religious apostasy and false teaching; Titus 2:11-15IICor. 6:14-7:1I John 2:15-17

c.  to support the financial program of the church with systematic, "storehouse tithing"; I Cor. 16:2Mal. 3:8-10

d.  to fellowship in Christian love and unity with the entire membership, so as to avoid the development of factions. I Cor. 1:10James 2:1-5

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